Azilal rugs or the handmade multi colored patterned minimlalist carpets..

Azilal rugs are an other style of Moroccan handmade minimalist carpets along with Beni Ourain carpets: These type of wolly Berber rugs are handwoven featuring a great richness of colors, usually  within a creamy background. 

Azilal carpets are usually performed by Berber village women using vertical looms, the unique tribal patterns that compose them make every piece one of its kind.

moroccan azilal rugs
An Azilal rug, unique piece.
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The astounding pattern styles of the Moroccan rugs so-called Azial rugs come to complete any home interior, not only as floor coverings or wall hangings but also as an accent artwork. They showcase the place and give it warmth and joy owing to well-composed bright colors and the simplicity that characterizes them as tribal carpets.

moroccan azilal carpet
An Azilal rug, unique piece.
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Implementing Azilal rugs in interior design is indeed the short way to give a vivid breath of style to our homes and office, they are the rugs of choice to anyone who seek the plain beauty of handmade minimalist carpets.

Moroccan Berber tribal rugs in Germany.

Discover our exclusive media coverage of The DOMOTEX exhibition in Hanover, Germany:

The handmade Moroccan Berber rugs tend to take the lead in European markets and interior design again, owing to the active presence of the main sellers of these types of carpets through worldwide exhibitions and interior designer craze and enthusiasm for these minimalist tribal carpets.

Darsyada,The specialist of collection, sale and export of handmade Moroccan rugs, ran its recent show of hand-woven vintage Moroccan carpets in Hannover Germany, this rug company located originally in Marrakesh Morocco, with subsidiaries worldwide (France..etc)  is none other than the winner of our community survey in regards with the Moroccan rugs’ best collection and online store service.

The exhibition stand of Darsyada , entitled “Handicraft from Morocco art and matter’, cannot go unnoticed at the Domotex floor covering fair, it is highlighted by astounding Moroccan handmade vintage rugs of different styles and colors, some of these works of arts are showcased as wall hangings while others are shown in attractive way as floor coverings. They are all present, from the minimalist off-white Bani warayn carpets and the colorful rag rugs' Busharweet to the Azilal tribal rugs..

A love of the handmade Moroccan minimalist rugs flow at the heart of the Demotex visitors, we witnessed a great interest in requesting information about this exclusive craftsmanship, whereas interior designers  seem to be very enthusiastic to implement these Moroccan art pieces in their ongoing design projects, taking advantage of business opportunities and worldwide services offered by this rug company.

As a reminder, our community surveys in Europe regarding handmade Moroccan rugs imports  gave advantage to Darsyada rug company, represented by its French owner: Jean-Yves Sevestre, for its quality services and the rugs' authenticity, here it shows us once more technical skills and competences to promote minimalist hand-woven Moroccan rugs in Europe and the rest of the world.

We look forward to covering Darsyada rug company's trade shows in Australia, USA and Scandinavian countries as soon as they take place. 

In the meantime, stay tuned to The Moroccan rug journals.
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Moroccan Berber tribal rugs in Germany. Moroccan Berber tribal rugs in Morocco Moroccan Berber tribal rugs