Khenifra Berber Rugs Market Auction

This weekend some of the Moroccain Berber rug journal members visited the khenifra carpet auction located within the Middle Atlas  Moutains of Morocco, 165 kilometres from Fes and 300 kilometers from Marrakesh.

Khenifra berber rugs' market auction seems to be a lively theatrical scene in an open area, where handwoven rugs' dealers, onlookers and visitors gather, animated by the Dallals or the auctioneers who run the deals as soon as the auction begins, lugging heavy carpets to hold  them up and show them to the crowd in an excited and proud way.


The bidding starts with an opening price for each single rug following repetitive back-and-forth rounds to get the best price from interested buyers.

The winner or the official buyer of the rug is declared and the money is handed over to the seller with a small commission is handed to the Dallal who completed the sale. The auction may go on till dusk.

Khenifra carpet auction is definitely worthwhile visiting, a real pleasure of the eyes for an attentive and excited audience.

This video documentary is produced by: The Moroccan rug journals
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